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Cryptzonia welcomes you!

Welcome to the future.


A next generation all around cryptocurrency website. Everything we do in this world is with Cryptocurrency.

With the world moving at a faster rate, we're here to help keep you keep up with the pace. In a world of cryptocurrency wouldn't you love to make money and also have the chance to grow it as well?

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Our Services

To help you transition from regular banking

and enter the world of cryptocurrency. We can help introduce you and get you coins!

Post or seek daily jobs or tasks that can

earn you cryptocurrency as form of payment and or bonus.

Cryptzonia IT solution company providing technology-related services to clients such as:

Smart Home Packages

software development

system integration

network management


hardware and software solutions

cloud computing

data analytics

IT consulting

buying or selling items through our marketplace.

Items can only be bought and sold with cryptocurrency.

Get the latest, shop at cryptzonias very own store with items new each and every month.

Place or take online bets with cryptocurrency. Check for weekly sports and e-gaming events.

Cryptzonia world

COMING SOON! Enter Cryptzonia metaverse 

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Strategic Crypto Services Since 2020-onwards

Welcome to the future. Cryptzonia is a platform for people all around the world to spend or exchange your cryptocurrencies. 

From jobs to sports betting, buying and selling we want to help incorporate the new age and onwards. In a world

quickly diverting to more online based options, we're here to help gap the old with the new. Accepting most major coins, we want to encourage our users and introduce them to transactions dealing with cryptocurrency only. That is the Cryptzonia world.

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About Cryptzonia

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Below we’ve provided some info on how we work

Does Cryptzonia take any other payments?

We are here to help you transition to the crypto world. Interact, E-Transfers, PayPal & we accept most major coins as payments and transactions. 

How can I deposit money into my account to get cryptocurrency?

We use a secured online cryptocurrency trading platform to instantly buy, sell, & trade cryptocurrency. If you already have an account and wallet online set up that you're already using then that's fine.

Does Cryptzonia have its own cryptocurrency?

We are in the process of having our own, in the mean time we accept most major coins.

Do I have to pay to use cryptzonia?

Only monthly subscriptions to Cryptzoniabets for sports betting requires a monthly $25 fee. Cryptzonia store and marketplace also require money/cryptocurrency transactions.

Any questions/concerns please email to corresponding team and we're happy to help:

General cryptzonia questions:


Individual service emails:

cryptzonia IT Solutions:


cryptzonia bets:

cryptzonia connect:

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Any questions, job postings, items to sell in our marketplace send us an email below and we're happy to help.


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