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                Each NFT has a code to redeem        
                Perks on having
Crypt-z Friends:

- exclusive content released only to NFT owners

- first dibs on future nft drops

- first dibs on future edition drops

- discount on items in the cryptzonia store page

- special gifts from our partners

- special discounts from our partners

- monthly/yearly draws via live stream for special prizes

- chance to win special future rare character

                        many more stay tuned!

Crypt-z Friends

Introducing our very first edition avatar character mint Crypt-z friends. Cryptzonias very first avatars have been created and have officially entered the Web3 in a form of digital art or as you may now know it as an NFT. All created by the owner of cryptzonia personally, have their own unique colours and background designs to help bring the characters come to life in the digital world. You may recognize them from popular movies, shows, and art, each character is created to bring out the fun and creativity in everyone. Each NFT comes with its own avatar for our own digital land. With your NFTs you will have perks for both and also in the meta verse of cryptzonia and our other partners. The perks of owning a crpytzonia character NFT isn’t just a one time thing but an everlasting one as long as you hold onto the character NFT. More information on perks for both and the cryptzonia meta verse will be updated frequently so stay tuned. 

as of now you can purchase through OpenSea via Polygon network so it can be easier on the gas prices. We want to make this fun and affordable for any collector from beginner to advanced users on Web3.

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